Welcome to our web site! Donna and I, along with our children, Travis and Erin, my father Ronald and our grandson Dylan manage a small herd of cows on the family farm in Granite Falls, NC and a second herd in the Gilkey community of Rutherford County on 300+ acres. Both locations are in the scenic foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina. The base farm has been in the family since the early 1900’s and been in some form of agricultural production the entire time. Hardrock Beef Cattle (HBC) was established in 2000 as our family was showing cows and wanted to promote our cattle to those passing through the show barn. Hardrock was a nickname given to me by my grandfather and it just seemed appropriate to be the name of our cattle business.  

While we enjoyed and still enjoy the livestock shows, we realize that they are recreational events for us. We believe livestock shows are more a tool for developing kids than a practical means of proving livestock for the real world.

Our ranch goal is to provide/feed a number of God’s children with a quality eating experience and be good stewards of the environment entrusted to us. Our cattle philosophy focuses on breeding and raising efficient cattle that will work in low input purebred or commercial cattle applications. We strive to breed cattle that not only survive but actually flourish on nothing but our forages which are predominantly fescue based! Grains and hay are expensive to buy, grow and feed and the further we remove our cattle from harvesting available forages for themselves, the less efficient our ranch becomes. Ranching is much more enjoyable when we eliminate or at least minimize the use of hay and grains. It also allows us to use the time normally spent feeding or harvesting to think critically about our program and how it might be evaluated or improved further.

To prove our program, we offer family packs of freezer beef or whole, halves or quarters of our pasture raised beef.
We believe you will enjoy your eating experience.
 Additionally we periodically have replacement females for sale that we believe will work in any program in the country. See for yourself how they perform!

We enjoy talking about our program but nothing compares to seeing our cattle or trying our beef firsthand! We invite you to visit Hardrock Beef Cattle or to just call for a chat. Thank you for taking time to visit our web site. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ronnie and Donna Holman
(828) 728-8116

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